Alexandria broken on Ubuntu 11.10


Alexandria has been removed from the Ubuntu package repositories for the new 11.10 (oneiric) release. This is because the alexandria package depends on old ruby-gnome2 packages which have been dropped from Ubuntu.

The reasons behind this are a little complex, and took me a while to work out, so I shall go through them.

Since the three deprecated packages Alexandria needs have been removed from the Ubuntu repositories, any attempt to simply install the latest Alexandria deb package will fail due to broken dependencies.

Therefore, to get Alexandria up and running on Ubuntu again I must do some combination of these:

This is the current plan. Where possible, I will use re-writing, which should lead to fewer maintenance worries in the future. Keep an eye on the mailing-list for progress reports.

How did I miss this?

  • I haven't been working on Alexandria for many months.
  • I don't use the latest Ubuntu. I use Trisquel GNU/Linux, which is based upon an older version of Ubuntu.
  • I'm not subscribed to any of the relevant Debian mailing-lists to which notifications were sent.
  • The Debian maintainers of Alexandria did not contact the Alexandria mailing-list or leave a bug report on the tracker on RubyForge. So I had no knowledge of the problem until #29415, #29418, and #29419 were posted on the tracker a few days ago.
Cathal Mc Ginley