Alexandria 0.6.2b2 released


Alexandria 0.6.2b2, the second beta of the new development cycle, was released today and is now available for download from RubyForge This version fixes several bugs related to stability and importing libraries from earlier versions of Alexandria. It also includes some updated translations.

Users of Debian or Ubuntu GNU/Linux variants should download alexandria_0.6.2b2_all.deb and install it with sudo dpkg --install alexandria_0.6.2b2_all.deb If you have been using an earlier version (0.6.1 or 0.6.2b1) then you will already have resolved the necessary dependencies.

On other systems, you should fetch the source package alexandria-0.6.2b2.tar.gz and build it with rake and sudo rake install

This beta may be a bit unpredictable, so please back up your libraries before installing it. If you encounter any problems, please leave a bug report on the Tracker at RubyForge.

If you want to help with the development of Alexandria, wish to discuss the program's features, or need more detailed help, please join the alexandria-list mailing list.