Alexandria is available in many languages, thanks to to the members of the Alexandria i18n team.

Current status of translations (
Locale Completed Translator
Chinese (Traditional) 95.7 José Ling
Czech 90.7 Petr Vanek
Dutch 99.3 Lennart Karssen
French 95.7 Lígia Moreira
Galician 95.7 Adrián Chaves Fernández
German 100 Joachim Breitner
Greek 100 Michael Kotsarinis
Irish 53 Cathal Mc Ginley
Italian 95.7 Giacomo Margarito
Japanese 95.7 CHIKAMA Masaki
Macedonian 95.7 Damjan Dimitrioski
Norwegian (Bokmål) 95.7 Jack Myrseh
Polish 100 Piotr Drąg
Portuguese 95.3 Lígia Moreira
Portuguese (Brazil) 95.7 Lígia Moreira
Slovakian 100 Peter Kováč
Spanish 99.7 Miguel Ángel Garcia
Swedish 96 Martin Karlsson
Ukrainian 86.3 Serhij Dubyk
Welsh 49

Translating Alexandria into your own native language is a great way to contribute to the project, even if you don't know how to program in Ruby.

If you are interested in adopting one of the unmaintained translations (or contributing a translation in another language) please join the alexandria-i18n-list and introduce yourself. It's a very low traffic list, usually just for pre-release string freeze announcements; but we're happy to help you get acquainted with gettext in case you're new to the free software translation process.